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  1. Full text of publications is available via Internet
  2. Subscription is required to view online content besides the best 5 papers selected in previous year
  3. Online access is available
  4. Two types of subscriptions are distinguished: printed and online-only
  5. The online publication is for free with a print subscription
  6. The publication is available for online-only subscription


  1. Type of access ROLLING (paid content + archive issues) for subscribers of printed version and FIXED (paid content only) for subscribers of online content
  2. Subscribers retain the access to online content even if they don't renew the subscription
  3. Adobe Reader is required to view the content - papers are stored in pdf format
  4. Payment grace period: 14 days
  5. Renewal grace period: 14 days
  6. Online version is published before the print

Registering for access:

  1. Registration is required (Register or login)
  2. Registration is a global process (not only for single title)
  3. The registration is NOT required annually
  4. The address data is required during registration
  5. After registration the subscriber is asked to fill in the tax id for invoice preparation purposes
  6. The account is activated immediately, the subscription is activated after receipt of payment


  1. Subscribers are authenticated by email and password (online-only subscription) or by IP address (printed subscription)
  2. The password is sent by email to subscriber after successful registration
  3. Password is restricted to single user
  4. Password can be changed by user
  5. The same account is valid for subscribers and authors (in case if subscriber would be interested to publish a paper)

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Title of Journal:
Computer Methods in Materials Science QUARTERLY

Title of Journal in Polish:
Informatyka w Technologii Materiałów KWARTALNIK

ISSN: 1641-8581
Publishing House: AKAPIT
Current issue: Vol. 17, 2017, No. 4
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